Sunday School


Teacher: Brother Brad Kinsey

Our goal for this class is to teach the gospel and help lead you further toward your spiritual goals with Christ.

From beginners to those of mastery, we welcome you to come join us and help us lead one another to become great Fishers of Men.

Fishers of Men is currently being conducted in the main sanctuary.

(This class is not age/gender specific.)

Teacher: Sister Cindy Choate


Our goal for this class is to be able to gather together as women of all ages, gaining friendships that will encourage us along our path to salvation while we expand and strengthen our knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Teacher/s: Brother Cainan


Sister Heather Byrd

Our goal for this class is to work together, providing an inviting yet challenging experience for youth in grades 7th-12th.   

This is a great place to not

only develop a relationship with the Lord, but to learn how to continue to grow in faith into adulthood.

Teacher: Sister Lisa Luke 

Our goal for this class is to learn all about the Bible. We want to teach children how to look up scripture, where to go for resources that will help them through out their daily lives and challenges; but in a way that children of all ages can understand and apply the new found knowledge.

All the while learning our favorite Bible Stories.

This class is for 1st grade- 6th. 

Teacher: Sister Michaela Choate

Our goal for this class is to take precious littles ages 3yr-K and introduce them to someone who should not be a stranger in their lives:

The Lord

While this class introduces them to our Lord and Savior it also allows their little minds to continue to grow by learning; Learning new bible stories and introductory principals of being a Christian.  

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